According to History, the family was originally from France, though the legendary origin of the surname does come from the common stock of McCann Ireland Clanbrassil Lords, under the name “Maccan de Gueldre”, this family assumed the title of Marquis and later the Dukes of  Gueldres and founded the city in Nova Scotia Maccan and that’s even the river name.
They moved to Russia assumed the princely title by marriage to the ruling family of the Romanovs becoming Maccanovic Romanov-Holstein-Gottorp. They remained in Russia for a few years, but during the Revolution moved to Italy, hosted in the homes of some close friends, including: the barone Giuseppe Galvagna, the Persian Countess and their friend the Queen Natalia of Serbia and the noble families princely Pilgrims, Column, and Strozzi Ruspoli in Rome. After a short period of time the family settled permanently in Italy, building here their settlements in the lands of their property because of the huge legacy and lineage, due to their surname. But not everything was positive for the family, for the fear of persecution, Romanov, still present in Russia, removed the last part of their name instead of becoming Maccan Maccanovic Romanov, but with the ability to use both. Now the original family lives in northern Italy.

During the past week, I managed to get in touch with Carlo Alberto Maccan Romanov , which was born in 1993 in Italy. He is the brother of  HIH Princess Veronica Maccan Romanova of Russia, born in 1995 and the cousin of Princess Nicoletta Consolo Romanov. He accepted to give me an interview for my blog , regarding many aspects of his public and personal life, as well as his recent visit in Constanța, Romania.


Photo with HRH C Alberto M R in a Tom Ford outfit at Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Constanta, RO.

P.Ș: I understand that you have travelled a lot around the globe. Tell me, what is your favourite destination so far and what feeling do you get when travelling? 

C Alberto M R: Traveling is something that it’s always been a part of my life since I can remember! The first time I left Italy was when I was just 6 months old with my mom and dad to go to a Gala in Scotland and they decided to take me with them; since then every year until now I’ve been traveling most parts of the World with or without my parents. I have a feeling of freedom and I’m always willing to discover and know more about different cultures and traditions.  I wouldn’t be able to say what is my favorite destination, but I could give you my favorite states, but a specific place I can’t , I love them all! It would be Italy for sure because I live here but also for the amour of art and architecture that this place has; Nepal because I loved Kathmandu! I’ve been there for a school trip with my university and we had to build a school (I did architecture). I was stunned by the temples and the way of living of  different people and last but not least, I would say Africa, the connection with the animals and the possibility to see them so close and in their real habitat really is something amazing! 

P.Ș:  Recently, you went to Romania if I’m not mistaken, can you share some impressions about my country?

C Alberto M R: In Italy , unfortunately we have many people with a distorted image of Romania but I can say that it’s an amazing Country! I’ve only been to Constanța and the place is full of history and great culture and traditions! Unfortunately , the state should valorize more the beauty it has in order to attract more tourism and restore the damaged parts of the different cities and infrastructures.

 P.Ș: I heard that you have a great passion for fashion. Do you have a favourite                   designer?

C Alberto M R: Yeah, I’ve always been very close to fashion since I can remember. I’ve been lucky to have a family that could always give me what I wanted and because we live in Italy ,we are very passionate about good clothing and accessories, we live after all in the home of high fashion with one of the best brands ever! I don’t think I have a favorite one but if I’d have to choose it would be Gucci, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana.

 P.Ș: Throughout your life so far, what historical figure would you identify yourself            with? Why?

C Alberto M R: Wow , that’s a nice question, very few people asked me this question so far, but I would totally be a mix of a Good King and Architect if it is possible, hahaha. I would probably be George III or Louis XIV or Peter the Great, a king or an Emperor that has the chance to create beauty and build great palaces and buildings for his country and they all had a very good knowledge of Architecture and Art too.

As you can see my love before fashion is Architecture so my dream would be to be able to build the greatest building ever made!


 P.Ș: Art seems to occupy an important place in your hobbies, am I right? What art             pieces you like the most?

  C  Alberto M R: As I mentioned above Art and Architecture in general it’s a part of my       life. I’ve always been attracted by it mostly because of the place I come from! Here in         Italy I grew up in a Medieval Castle so I’ve always been surrounded by art and statues of all kind! I think that’s why I’m so attached to Architecture and art, mostly ancient ones, I do like modern and contemporary , but ancient art and architecture it’s my life! This is the reason why I would like to be a King , so I Could build Amazing Palaces!

   If I’d have to choose an art piece I would go for any painting made by Il Canaletto and Il    Tiepolo.


  P.Ș: Are you a Sportsman?

 C. Alberto M R: I do love sports, I’ve always been very active in that way, since I can      remember : I swim, do horse riding, play tennis, volleyball but I’m not a huge fan of  the  Gym! I’d rather go for outdoor sports then indoor ones.

  P.Ș: Do you want people to treat you like a normal person or according to your                   rank? Why?

C Alberto M R: Absolutely like a normal person as I feel and I’m sure I am exactly like everyone else! I always thought that money and titles don’t make you either a better person nor above anyone else! I would like people to treat me the same way I treat them: with kindness and respect. 

P.Ș: From what I’ve seen, you have studied Architecture. Since when do you have              this passion?

C Alberto M R: I graduated in Architecture and now I’m graduating in Business and Finance. I did both my studies in London. I moved there 6 years ago! My passion for Architecture it’s been in me since I can remember !As I said before, I grew up in a place full of art and history and I’ve always been very curious on how to produce and create such grand things! Architecture is something that will always be there for centuries and knowing that I could create something like this it would be my greatest achievement!

P.Ș: Can you describe a funny situation in your life?

C Alberto M R: Oh God, I don’t really think it’s funny because I think I have a very bad memory when it comes to names , but so many times I’m seeing people and talking to them without remembering what their names are, for instance sometimes I’m in some restaurants or at events and I see people coming towards me and saying ‘hi’ like we are very close friends, but I actually can’t remember their names cause I’ve seen them once or twice ages ago, so I have a safe trick: always have someone next to you that you can introduce to, so they will have to say their names and then you’ll be able to call them by it and hopefully remember it for the next time!:))

P.Ș: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

 C Alberto M R: I would probably be working for my family business as we have different furniture companies around the world and we deal with cruises, hotels, residences so not far from what I’ve been studying, as well as one of the top 100 wineries in the world, so I would have many choices and be able to follow different fields and businesses. For now though, I’m focusing on my career as an Influencer thanks to my Instagram. 

P.Ș: Thank you for your time Mr. Romanov and judging by your answers, I say you are a very kind and promising young man with a great deal of knowledge and ambition.

I must say that he seems an amazing passionate person which will succeed in achieving no matter what goal he sets  and unlike other royals , he has no exaggerate pride but only kindness and common sense. Getting this interview done was a pleasure for me and I feel honoured for having such a chance to get to know HRH better.